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Starter Rules

These are for players who are new to Dragon Dice.

Treefolk vs Firewalkers V4.0 (low res)
Treefolk vs Firewalkers V4.0 (high res, for printing)

Swamp Stalkers vs Treefolk V4.0 (low res)
Swamp Stalkers vs Treefolk V4.0 (high res, for printing)

The Cardboard Herald - Dragon Dice how to play video series
Delectare Org - Dragon Dice Field Guide video series

Full Rules

These rules are for players who are already experienced in the core mechanics of Dragon Dice.

V4.0 Rules Summary (note: this document details the changes between V3.0.4 and V4.0 to help experienced players transition between rules versions)

V4.0 Full Rules (low res)
V4.0 Full Rules (high res, for printing. Warning: very large file size)

V4.0 Rules FAQ

V4.0 Racial Reference Sheets (note: these are also included in the full rules)

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Standard Floor Rules

For those who are interested in how a formal tournament is handled, please take a look at our Tournament Rules.

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