If you want to be on the cutting edge, use these new 3.0 rules. These will be used at Gencon 2016. If you are just learning the game we recommend any of the 2.9 rules listed below. Technical Text Version Graphical Draft Version

To help easy players into the game we have created cheat-sheets for the Core rules and all the basic races. You can view those HERE.

A basic rulebook for the Treefolk/Firewalkers Starter is HERE.

Any game as rich and expansive as Dragon Dice™ is going to have an equally rich and expansive rulebook.

The depth and breadth of the rulebook can be imposing, but is not that complicated once you break it down.

The first third of the rulebook explains the core rules of the game. The other two-thirds of the rulebook are reference for every spell, die and special action icon in the game.

Keep that in mind as you download the Rulebook.

For those who are interested in how a formal tournament is handled, please take a look at our Tournament Rules.

If you want to ease into the game, then you can always start with a simplified ruleset and download the Demo Rules.

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